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Brenda Verdugo
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Sourcing (castings, stampings, forgings, etc.)

IPS offers other Value-Added services for our customers when their requirements include more than just surface finishing.  For example, through our longstanding relationship with qualified metal fabricators throughout the world we can procure the raw material (castings, stampings, forgings, machined parts, etc.) for components and leverage our position and buying power with our suppliers to offer our clients competitive pricing. 

Assembly, Packing, Warehousing & Distribution

We have assembly and packaging capabilities and are able to distribute the final product (drop-ship) to our client’s customer.

Turn-Key Projects

IPS also provides Turn-Key Services to supply a complete product, assuming full responsibility for the sourcing, manufacturing, finishing, quality control, assembly, packaging, and distribution, thus becoming a one-stop-shop for our clients.
IPS Industrial Polishing Services is a medium to high volume finishing company with a focus on high quality and best manufacturing practices such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, 5S', and continuous improvement programs. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and through the use of internal audits, quality planning, continuous improvement and corrective and preventative actions we provide high quality finished products and services for you.
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