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Metal Polishing
Brenda Verdugo
Ph: (619) 661-1691 (Ext. 725)
Fax: (619) 661-1693



IPS provides high quality expert metal polishing services through Manual, Automatic and Robotic processes.  With our polishing equipment and capabilities we are able to provide the best possible component preparation process for high quality finishing.

Installed Metal Polishing Equipment (Capacity):

● 15 Automated lines - Allowing us to produce medium to high volume polishing with consistency and quality.

● 2 Robotic polishing systems – Cutting edge robotic polishing systems that produce the most precise level of polishing thereby achieving the highest quality and consistency on larger components.

● 100+ manual polishing stations (for belting, sanding and polishing operations) – Our manual polishing provides the craftsman element of polishing, enabling us to polish those parts of complex design.

● Burnishing, Sand Blasting, and other finishing equipment that allows for a variety of part preparation. 

● We are capable of designing, manufacturing and repairing our own polishing fixtures in-house for quick tooling development and maintenance for the variety of parts that we polish

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