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Controlling the plating process is one of the most difficult parts of any  finishing operation.  Therefore our chemical engineers are trained to use the most up-to-date software program to ensure reliability in the plating process by monitoring proper tank concentrations and temperature levels.  This system maintains a record of all chemical maintenance procedures and alerts our personnel of any necessary corrections, thereby reducing the possibility of human error.  These chemical engineers are plating experts that have been in the plating industry for many years.  They have the technical expertise, background and experience in the plating industry to assure the highest possible consistency in the plating processes.

Unlike many other plating companies IPS has in-house rack design, manufacturing, and repair capabilities that allows for quicker turn around on new tooling and improved maintenance on existing racks.

IPS is a premier plating facility that specializes in decorative (rack) plating.

Installed Plating Equipment  (Capacity)- 15 Plating lines 

▪ 8-Hoist lines - designed to provide a wide range of finishes, flexibility, volume and consistent high quality.

▪ 6-Return type lines - cycle-master plating machines designed to produce large volume finishes with the highest reproducibility.

▪ 1-Manual line - designed to provide a wide range of finishes and excellent balance in terms of flexibility, volume and consistent high quality.

Electrolytic Plating Processes offered:

Plating processes used on various substrates in order to achieve the special finishes that we offer.

▪ Copper           ▪ Nickel (Matte, Semi Bright, Bright, Black, Pearl, Particle,Sulfamate,Woods,Electroless) 

▪ Bronze           ▪ Brass             ▪ Chrome (bright, black)

▪ Oxide

Plating is available on the following substrates:

● Steel             ● Stainless Steel           ● Aluminum

● Bronze          ● Copper                        ● Zinc

● Brass           

Our finishes include a variety of :

● Nickel           ● Chrome                     ● Brass

● Bronze          ● Copper        


IPS Industrial Polishing Services is a medium to high volume finishing company with a focus on high quality and best manufacturing practices such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, 5S', and continuous improvement programs. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and through the use of internal audits, quality planning, continuous improvement and corrective and preventative actions we provide high quality finished products and services for you.
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