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IPS recently participated in a study conducted by the International Zinc Association to test the cosmetic appeal/appearance and the overall performance of different coatings on zinc die cast parts.  Below is a summary of the findings in which as can be seen, the parts submitted by IPS were found to have the most cosmetically appealing finish and performed the best in testing that was conducted. 

The International Zinc Association (IZA), thru Frank E. Goodwin, Sc.D, Director of Technology and Market Development, retained the assistance of Finishing.com, Inc. to investigate promising new environmentally friendly finishes for zinc die castings.

Diecastings were coated with these finishes and tested by Corrosion Testing Laboratories (CTL) of Newark, Delaware to determine their corrosion resistance and their ability to retain aesthetically pleasing appearance. 20 companies agreed to participate by applying their finishes to the zinc die casting samples. 

Industrial Polishing Services, Inc., located in San Diego, California (www.ipsfinishing.com) who has been processing providing finishing services on zinc-die cast components for over 25 years in a variety of  different finishes such as varieties of nickel, bronze, brass, chrome, copper, satin nickel and variations of oil rubbed bronze.   Based on a request from finishing.com IPS agreed to finish the samples in an antique bronze finish, which is today one of the most popular finishes in the Door Hardware and Kitchen and Bath Industries

Two samples were returned to finishing.com with this finish, which is comprised of copper electroplating, followed by blackening and relieving, followed by clear coating.   The parts had a smooth warm finish that was not quite matched by the best of the simulated metal electrophoretic lacquer finishes.

After 180 days of testing, the parts were removed from the humidity cabinet, rinsed in tap water to remove soluble salts, and air-dried. The formal 180-day report was prepared by Corrosion Testing Laboratories and submitted to Ted Mooney on April 19, 2010. 

Corrosion Testing Laboratories reported the final observations:

           The results of the CAMRI test indicated that the Antique Bronze finish (copper plating, blackening, clear coat) from Industrial Polishing Systems performed the best, receiving a 10 for being visually perfect.

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