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Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. (IPS) is a certified participant in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program. The guiding principle of the C-TPAT program is partnership (IPS/U.S. Government/other supply chain elements).  This program is voluntary and designed to share information that will protect the supply chain from being compromised by terrorists and terrorist organizations.

As a participant, IPS has made a firm commitment to enhance the security of goods moving through its international supply chain by establishing procedural and physical security of its shipments. Additionally, C-TPAT qualification requires IPS to implement continual personnel training, strict access controls and manifest procedures.  The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, is a joint U.S. Government-Private Business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen overall supply chain and border security by directly involving the Manufacturers, Brokers, Carriers and Freight Forwarders.

Socially Responsible Recognition:

IPS has also been recognized by the XVIII City Counsil of Tijuana along with "Fronteras Unidas PRO SALUD" (United borders PRO HEALTH)  for being an Socially Responsible facility, commited to improving the health of its workers & the promotion of gender equity.

The Industrial Program is designed to educate workers about reproductive health care.  It offers a variety of courses on sexual and reproductive health, family planning, nutrition, and maternal and infant health.  The program also trains the medical staff of maquiladoras (factories) on sexual and reproductive health care and gives workshops on family violence, self-esteem, and stress control.  These activities take place within companies, daycare centers, maquiladoras, technical colleges, and other workplaces.

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