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QA and Best practices
Brenda Verdugo
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- As part of our quality assurance and best practices performance metrics are monitored and reviewed on a daily basis

- Quality and production departments work as a team to assure that process controls are in place and are being monitored to assure consistency throughout all processes

- A world class quality system is in place that complies with well known ISO 9001:2015 requirements. 

- Highly trained quality assurance personnel inspect shipments before they leave our facility and certify their compliance with our clients’ requirements.   

- Our quality assurance program emphasizes the elimination of defects before they get into the final product.


Best practices are techniques and methodologies that have proven to reliably lead to desired results.  Our commitment of using this knowledge and technology has ensured our greatest goal, customer satisfaction!

Below are examples of some of the proven Best Practices that are in use in our plant:

SIX SIGMA - IPS practices the Six Sigma data-driven methodologies for eliminating defects.  This system emphasizes the need to recognize opportunities and eliminate defects for effective problem solving to ultimately deliver high quality services.

LEAN MANUFACTURING – IPS has implemented Lean Manufacturing, helping us to minimize the resources required for production by eliminating non-value added activities (waste).  This is accomplished by emphasizing the use of preventative maintenance and quality improvement programs focusing on maximizing process efficiency.

5 S’s – IPS has organized its workplace under the 5 S’s format, which decreases down time, identifies problems more quickly and increases overall product and process quality.


Our in-house lab facilities allow us to test and measure our processes to assure that we are within our customer’s plating or coating requirements.  This is an area that we are very proud of, since few plating operations have such an extensive facility dedicated to testing and controlling their processes. 
Our Performance Test Lab is designed and focused for testing parts to assure that our customer’s specifications are met. 
Primary performance tests conducted in our lab are:

● Corrosion Resistance  ● Surface Roughness Measurement
● Plating & Coating Thickness  ● Humidity & Ultraviolet Light Resistance
● Color  

In addition to these performance tests, there are chemical and physical tests that are performed to measure adherence, continuity, abrasion, perspiration, texture and hardness. 
Our sophisticated lab practices, process controls and quality assurance, manage specific and complex processes the entire plating and coating process.  Detailed analysis, cause and effect assessments and daily production reports are developed to monitor the activities throughout our production process.

IPS Industrial Polishing Services is a medium to high volume finishing company with a focus on high quality and best manufacturing practices such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, 5S', and continuous improvement programs. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and through the use of internal audits, quality planning, continuous improvement and corrective and preventative actions we provide high quality finished products and services for you.
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