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IPS understands that environmental regulations are at the forefront of today’s metal finishing industries.

In the metal finishing industry keeping up to date and complying with environmental regulations is crucial.  That is why we are an environmentally conscious company and are proud of our environmental achievements gained over the years.  Our investment in this field is noteworthy.  We have invested thousands of dollars and countless hours into developing systems that will assure our compliance with strict municipal and state environmental regulations.  By doing this we assure that there is a safe environment in our factory and in our community.  Below are more detailed explanations of the different systems that we have in place.

Water treatment - Wastewater treatment plant

Prior to returning the water used in our plating process back into the municipal water system, we make sure that the water is cleaner than when we first received it from the municipal source.  We are able to do this by separating or filtering contaminates from the water used in our plating processes.  This micro filtration is done at a rate of 100 gallons per minute.  The water discharged from our plant follows a far stricter cleaning regiment than when it enters our plant.  This is required for all water leaving our plant and must adhere to the Minimum/Maximum parameters established by the government regulatory agencies that monitor pH balances, temperature, oils, grease & biochemical oxygen demand.  These requirements are monitored on a daily basis.

Air treatment - Scrubbers

To keep that air contaminants released into the environment to a minimum, we utilize a vapor extractor system for all of our plating lines.  This works by using a forced vacuum (or local exhaust) to guide the hazardous vapors produced during the normal plating operation into a proper collection area.  By conducting periodic testing of permissible exposure levels, we assure compliance with environmental regulations, and reduce the contaminants from entering the environment thus protecting our employees and community at large.

Air treatment - Dust collectors

To assure that airborne dust particles and contaminants are not released into the environment, they are collected through a series of vents at the point of the actual processes, such as polishing, sanding, buffing, etc.  Once captured, the particles are forced into a cyclone intake to separate the heavy dust particles and clean air.  The particles are trapped into a secured container and the clean air is released through other filters.

Air treatment - VOC’s Emissions Controls (Volatile Organic Compounds)

During the normal (degrease) cleaning process, VOC vapors are produced.  An Activated Carbon Filter system is used to capture VOC’s emissions by utilizing a forced vacuum (or local exhaust) of the vapors produced.  This is another area in which we conduct periodic testing of permissible exposure levels, assuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Environmental Awards, Certificates & Endeavors

Listed below are some of the environmental certifications, achievements and endeavors.

●  High Environmental Achievement Program Certification

Please refer to our CERTIFICATIONS section for more detail.


Other Environmental programs by IPS include:

●  Eco Tijuana Industrial

Since the first event in 1996, we have been chosen by State and Federal Environmental regulatory agencies to participate in the “Eco Tijuana Industrial” trade show.  This industrial trade show; showcases selected companies allowing them to display their environmental advancements to be viewed by other industries and are given the opportunity to explain the importance of being an environmentally conscious company.

●  Environmental Expo Selection

For over ten years now, IPS has participated in the Environmental Expo that focuses on the Elementary through High School student population.  The purpose of this expo is to convey the importance of being a good steward of this planet, respecting the environment and how companies (such as ours) are doing their part to stay “green”.  During this event, we provide educational tips, games and prizes that have to do with respecting the environment, including methods and technology of how responsible industries do their part in this important endeavor.

●  We have developed a close partnership with municipal and regional environmental agencies, occasionally assisting them in the areas of training and international conferences.  An example would be Eco Tijuana Industrial and Environmental Expo mentioned above.

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