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IPS Industrial Polishing Services Company is a California Corporation that started over 30 years ago providing excellent metal finishing services to the Door Hardware and Kitchen & Bath industries.  Since then we have steadily grown to offer business-to-business plating, polishing and coating services to other industries such as the Automotive, Gaming, Motorcycle, Aerospace, and other industries.

Benefits of partnering with IPS Industrial Polishing Services:

● We offer medium to high volume metal finishing services with an emphasis on quality.  With our various polishing, plating and coating lines IPS has enough capacity to meet even the highest volume demands.

●  IPS Industrial Polishing Services Company has offices in the USA (San Diego, CA) allowing our customers to work with a US company.   IPS administers transportation documentation parts going into Mexico and back to the U.S.

● Our high quality metal finishing is backed and tested by our in-house laboratories and testing facilities to insure that our finishes are within our client’s requirements.  We have a dedicated staff of Chemical and Quality Engineers to assure our level of excellence.  (For more information on our Quality Assurance, please refer to our “Quality Assurance & Best Manufacturing Practices” page)

● IPS Industrial Polishing Services Company is committed to best practices and continuous improvement systems through the implementation of Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and 5S’s.  We are also ISO 9001:2008 Certified (For more information on our certification, please refer to our “Quality Assurance & Best Manufacturing Practices” page).


IPS Industrial Polishing Services is a medium to high volume finishing company with a focus on high quality and best manufacturing practices such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, 5S', and continuous improvement programs. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and through the use of internal audits, quality planning, continuous improvement and corrective and preventative actions we provide high quality finished products and services for you.
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